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4ct10n's Journal

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We must be the only class in the world to start a class blog after graduating.
anime and manga, asthma-like giggles, badminton with calculator covers, barbecues for class reunions, being astallas john gielgud, being in council, being justintime for assembly, being president of library, being sotong, being too nice, black pink white, caoguotiao, cheekogirl, cheesecake, chinese fail, chinese lit, dirty classrooms, doing the algorithm march, domo-kun, dynamo, eating in class, ecogirl, egogirl, emogirl, five dollar shoes, floppy jelly ice cream, framy, getting tanned in jc, grammar(-tical) errors, having an identity crisis, having golden-brown hair, helping juniors do surveys, hiding in broom cupboard, hopscotch patches, huayu cool!, invisible friends, judoka, juniors for recess, long-suffering monitresses, lookatmyface am i bovvered?, loving orange, making sec1s feel safeandsecure, mdm mak, mr rambo and hismanynames, muji the sacredtempleofsilence, non-organic eggs, nude self-portraits are luff, pauli-nah, pigs, pinks, pitter patter… go!, playing shoot shag marry, pornogirl, pretending to be gracious, reading shakespeare, resident storyteller, robot girrl, saying lol, screaming very loudly, sleeping on the cupboard, taking over the world, tekaning sala, thailand is home, ultimate japanese xxx porn, very big pencil cases, wheelchair wars, who has a boyfriend, yap wahchoo doing?