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The 101st reminder

I'm veryveryveryveryvery sorry. BUT. I just received an email informing me that I actually have to COMPILE a list of people coming for the gathering. Bleh, MORE WORK. So, could you guys sms me or tell me or something to inform me that you're actually coming, PLEASE? 

**And come down to support the guitar performance on 22 July at Suntec City! =) K, I'm sort of highing after eating chocolates...I wouldn't mind free chocolates though. So do bring some chcoolates when you come down to watch our performance! Thank you!

AND. Does anyone want a 410 outing? o.O

Anyway, I'm typing this 'cause I'm really bored and have nothing better to do. So here's some entertainment. (It's just one random picture I took, actually.)


Ok, enjoy your hols everyone! And don't forget 410, yea? 

OH. AND. I need a photo montage of our batch too! (Cheronne, are you doing it?)
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