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Hahaha, guess what! I just found out about this, er, maybe 20 minutes ago.

>< Do not ask me why I never knew we had a livejournal community/class blog. It's not my fault! And we seriously have to publicize.

Caelan is the most adorable baby on Earth and extremely huggable too. Hugging him makes me happy, which makes me zihigh.

I'm bored. I feel like updating everyone about NY GEP 10th anniversary again.

But before I do that...Ming's jealous that Cheronne didn't write about her and is extremely ego but doesn't want to be shameless  deserves to have a section written about her by someone not herself. -cough- (No, I don't need cough drops.)

Hoho, so quoting her, Ying Ming is a perfectly angelic, humble, nice, kind, sweet and lovely girl. She is also able to take on the role of a 'male' anytime, hence being the perfect fac head. And we should all give her presents on 30th September. (HA! I told you it's near October, Nikki. At least I was close.)

I can't think of anything else now. In fact, I'm supposed to be doing PW. 

OK. Now for the reminders:
I demand everyone to join the facebook group 'NYGH GEP 10th Anniversary Gathering' or something like that...this very instant! (I'm joining soon! Like...like...by, erm, sunday. YES.) RSVP there too. So MUST join.

And I repeat:
Venue: NYGH. DUH.
Date: 28th June (Saturday)
Time: 11.30 am until late afternoon

Upload photos/videos to the facebook group. Ok?!

(Guess what, that's all the details I have because, apparently, more details will be given 'after the organizers meet up and plan the gathering in this month' which hasn't happened yet although we're already more than halfway through the month.)

Alright, that's all for tonight. I shall bug more people to post. Let's try to keep this alive...
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